Michael, you are dreaming if Russian law enforcement will use this video as evidence. This is only showing a good comrade drinking tea, offering it, and being a tough guy like the Supreme Leader Vladimir Putin, who shook hands with the Formula 1 winners this past weekend. » 10/20/14 5:30pm Yesterday 5:30pm

Lucky me I read the conversation and somebody else pointed out that Crashtor is a Formula 1 winner and a fast driver. We laugh at him, mock him, but to be honest, he's more capable than many others. Look at the actual driver's list and tell me who won a race. He did. There are better drivers than him, sure. But wait… » 10/19/14 8:46pm Sunday 8:46pm

Listen to the last part. The rescued girls were back on the streets as soon as were released. Its a sad story, here and everywhere. They can make more money in an hour than their relatives working a legal job for a month. How we can solve underage prostitution is beyond my simple brain. » 10/16/14 7:24pm Thursday 7:24pm